U.M.P. DIRTcar Racing


Championship Night - September 22, 2012

The Steve Schmitt Modified division saw Brian Bielong take the checkered flag in the first heat followed by 2012 champ Chad Sellers, Brad Venhaus, and Chris Winters. Second heat had Joey Walsh leading Marty Smith, Jr, Lonnie Bailey, and Tyler Deibert.  Bielong roared past the finish line ahead of Walsh, Venhaus, and Sellers in the dash. Bielong brought his broom and completed the sweep in the Feature. He was chased by Deibert, Walsh, Venhaus, Michael Kloos, Sellers, Winters, Josh James, Lynn Tidwell, Bailey, Mark Enk, Smith, Jr, Steve Stotler, Derek Kellerman, and Steven Ellison DNS.

The UMP Miller Lite Crates saw Daniel Heck take the first heat leading Clay Baumann, Travis Horner, and Ray Emling. Second heat order of finish was Rick Salter, Michal Kloos, Danny Jolly, and Shannon Kuhn. Taking the checkered flag for the second time of the evening was Heck in the Feature.  Taking the flag next were Kloos, Baumann, Salter, Horner, Emling, Kuhn, Matt Koch, Billy Knebel, Jr, Darrell McDowell, Neal McPhillips, Jolly, and 2012 champ Bobby Martintoni.

Taking the 2012 championship in the SportMod division was Rob Lee. He also brought his broom with him to the track for the sweep. He won the first heat then Marty Smith, Jr, Curt Loddeke, and Bobby Carter. Second heat saw Mike Jones lead Tyler Deibert, Rick Johnson, and Brian Crawford.  The victory in the Feature went to Lee who led Smith, Jr, Jones, Johnson, Deibert, Loddeke, Carter, Jerry Thompson, Lenny Garson, Brett Page, Crawford, Mark Stolle, Dan DuBree, Donnie Rine, Matt Boggs, and Ryan Timmons.

Another broom was brought to the Highland Speedway. This time it belonged to Jake Hewitt in the UMP Bomber division. He took the first heat by beating out Justin Leichsenring, Ryan Emig, and Trevor Isaak. Second heat line up was Shaun Horstmann, Jacob Tompkins, Eric Harris, and Dale Bohnenstiehl. Finishing the sweep in the Feature, Hewitt beat Emig, Horstmann, Harris, Jason Nash, Leichsenring, Bohnenstiehl, Robbie Bindrim, Trevor Isaak, and Tompkins.

The UMP Hornet division saw another sweep. This time it was Robert Shaw who came to win. He took the first heat win over Bobby Funderburk, Charles Carriker, and Lacey Egbert. Second heat had the 2012 champ Kenny Elliott leading Christian Lee, Robbie Bindrim, and Eldon Hemken. Finishing the last sweep of the season was Shaw who was trailed by Elliott, Funderburk, Lee, Bindrim, Duane DuBree, Jerry Marti, Kaleb Stajduhar, Justin Hall, Hemken, Kate Smith, Lacey Egbert, Chuck Johnson, Jeremy Pride, Derek Voegele, Carriker, Chris Dicken DNS, and Josh Bauer DNS.


Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.