U.M.P. DIRTcar Racing


July 18, 2009 News Article

Saturday, July 18th, was Ski Night at the Highland Speedway. The night was sponsored by Excel Bottling. But there was nothing chilly about the night’s racing. It was the red hot Sportsman driver, Russell Eilers, who lead off the evening by capturing his 11th checkered flag of the season in the Feature. The UMP Sportsman division had 18 cars. First heat winner was Andy Casper then Russell Eilers, Greg Spencer, and CJ Simpson. Second heat saw Tory Ernst beat out Ryan Eilers, Aaron Melton, and Bryan Slover. Third heat went to Allan Geiseking who led Rob Lee, Mark Bohnenstiehl, and Rick Johnson. First repeat winner of the night was Allan Geiseking who took the dash over Lee, Ryan Eilers, and Russell Eilers. For the Feature, no one could beat Russell as he gained his 11th trophy. He was chased by Ryan Eilers, Casper, Geiseking, Ernst, Spencer, Bohnenstiehl, Melton, Slover, Danny Beard, John Cooper, Bob Simpson, CJ Simpson, Josh Case, Bill Felchlin, Lee, and Jon Huegen.

Next up was the UMP Late Models with 20 racers who wanted to take the checkered flag in the Feature. It was Fast Frankie Martin who led off by winning the first heat over Mark Faust, Paul Bailey, and Steve Leach. Second heat went to Steven Unterbrink then Chad Zobrist, Clay Baumann, and Michael Jacober. Third heat top dog was Mike Schulte who beat out Marty Smith, Jr, Brent Helmkamp, and Jason Zobrist.  Mike Schulte was the next repeat winner. He took the dash over Martin, Faust, and Smith, Jr. Consi order of finish was Danny Ripperda, Shannon Kuhn, Randy Bingham, Justin Vosholler, Patrick Tretter, Len Garson, and Brian Wolfmeier DNS. For the fifth time in the last six Feature races, it was eight time points champion Mark Faust. He was followed by Paul Bailey, Chad Zobrist, Martin, Smith, Jr, Baumann, Schulte, Unterbrink, Billy Laycock, Jacober, Jason Zobrist, Bobby Dauderman, John Cory, Ripperda, Dave Thornton, Kuhn, Helmkamp, Mark Bohnenstiehl, Scott Mueller, and Steve Leach.

The Steve Schmittt Modified division of 20 cars had another driver who took his 4th checkered flag of the season in the Feature – Chris Smith. First heat went to Marty Smith, Jr over Chris Smith, Steve Ellison, and Travis Koehler. Second heat winner was Ron Hartnagel, then Mike Harrison, Jim Werner, Jr, and Robbie Eilers.  Third heat top dog was Chad Sellers who beat out Dean Hoffman, Tyler Deibert, and Roger Fohne. It was Mike Harrison who captured the dash. He was chased by Hartnagel, Hoffman, and Sellers.  Crossing the finish line after Chris Smith was Smith, Jr, Jim Werner, Jr, Rilers, Ellison, Deiber, Eric Faust, Hartnagel, Jesse Wisely, Andy Oswald, Dave McDougal, Aaron Muller, Paul Becker, Harrison, Fohne, Aaron Marquardt, Eric Goetter, Sellers, Hoffman, and Koehler.

The UMP Factory Stocks had the highest car count with 26. It was Bob Zbinden who swept his division and picked up his 8th checkered flag in the Feature this season. Leading off the division was Justin Suhre in the first heat who led Aaron Wood, Eddie Sterns, and Jordan Suhre. Second heat saw Zbinden beat our Austin Isaak, Eldon Hemken, and Nick Knebel. Third heat had Trevor Isaak take the win over Dale Bohnenstiehl, Joe Joyce, and Sean Denison. Consi order of finish was Tracy vonRohr, Justin Shaw, Scott Egbert, Ryan Kress, Ryan Emig, Rick Vivanio, Lacey Egbert, Andy Hellmann, Chad Koch, Willy Myers, and Jason Suhre. Chasing Bob Zbinden in the Feature was Justin Suhre, Wood, Trevor Isaak, Jordan Suhre, Sterns, Bohnenstiehl, Matt Hamblin, Denison, Austin Isaak, Hemken, Justin Shaw, VonRohr, Nick Knebel, Joyce, Travis Horner, Emig, Kress, Jeremy Izard, and Scott Egbert.

The Street Stock division had 24 cars. However the night belonged to Dennis Ponder who brought his broom and took his third Feature win of the season. Dennis led off by winning the first heat over Jake Hewitt, Stephen Fohne, and Kory Reigel. Second heat saw Michael Ripperda, Jr take the win then Brad Venhaus, Jeff Buss and Justin Leichsenring. Third heat top dog Pete Cory was chased by Jordan Bauer, Fred Sparks, and Dusty Sampson. Consi order of finish was Zach Hoffman, AJ Cline, Matt Koch, Marcus Kruep, Matt Korte, Vince Pratt, Joey Titchenal, Michael Leichsenring, and Brian Crawford. Crossing the finish line after Dennis Ponder in the Feature was Ripperda, Jr, Hewitt, bauer, Venhaus, Buss, Reigel, Fohne, Cory, Sparks, Sampson, Cline, TJ Eilers, Hoffman, Stephen Flannery, Jr, Kruep, Terry McCann, Justin Leichsenring, Koch, and Korte.

There will be no races at the Highland Speedway on Saturday, July 25th. Next up on August 1st will be fan appreciation night sponsored by the Helvetia Sharpshooters. There will be $1 hot dogs and $1 beer. The following week on August 8th there will be a diamond dig for the ladies sponsored by Lee’s Loan. Ladies can register for the dig on the square in Highland at Lee’s Loan. Ladies will also get in the grandstand for half price on August 8th. Check out our website, www.highlandspeedway.com for more details.

Track Guidelines

Highland Speedway reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone.

Drivers must be 14 years of age to race at the Highland Speedway. Drivers 14 and under must have permission from the track to race in the DIRTcar UMP Late Model, DIRTcar UMP Modified,  DIRTcar UMP SportMod division and DIRTcar UMP Street Stock division.

Minor drivers must have BOTH parents or legal guardians sign a minor release form for the driver to enter the race track. Minor drivers will sign the minor form each week during sign in at the pit shack. 

Each driver must enter their car to race every night. Every car that races must have a pit pass for the driver.